Quick Intro.   Hi, I’m Jacob.  I’m a programmer working on his Bachelor’s in Comp Sci.  My hope is to get to  work in the Computer Security Industry.
Information Security is a field I take very seriously.    My approach to Security can be summed up with the title of my Blog:  Security should be Redundant.  The connotation for Redundancy is a rather negative one.  If we think of something as Redundant, we mean that it’s not needed, that’s its excess, overkill, a waste.

But I see Redundancy the same way Engineers see it:  backup.  It’s there in case something goes wrong.  A common example would be Airplanes.  Any commercial Airplane that you fly on has backups for their backups for their backups.  If you read about them, you might be tempted to think that some of their backups seem silly and not needed, but when you’re up in the air you’ll think that yeah,  there’s nothing wrong with a little extra, you know, just in case.

Engineer’s add Redundancy to their system, because even though they are confident in them, they want to make sure that if something goes wrong,  it won’t be the end.

I believe that Computer Security Specialists should take the same approach to designing secure systems.  With everything from Social Media to Military Computers, Hospitals to Nuclear Reactors being controlled by computers, a little Redundancy is certainly not out of the question.



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